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Welcome to Our School

B.V.P.S is an institution with a difference. By stressing the dignity and rights of the children and educating them to meet contemporary needs, challenging of the modern competitive society, in a won archive atmosphere. The main aim of the school is to train its students for the world of challenging tomorrow. It helps to provide an education designed to the proper, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional development of the pupils. School strives for an all round development of our students. So, it may be confidently said that under educating and shaping influence of Bihar Vikas Public School the children will grow up in to perfect citizens.


Few word from Administration

Mr. Pradeep kumar shrivastava

The Chairman

Chairman Message

Every child is potentially a new source of light in this world. Every child is the foundation during creation of human society. It shapes the human mind and gives guidance to the human life. So it should be delivered in a way to meet all the expectations and objectives. Bihar Vikas Public School, Gopalganj is a pioneer in this direction.

There is no substitute for hard work. When this saying is applied to the educational institutions, Bihar Vikas Public School Stands high in comparison to any institution. Competitions, extra Co-curricular activities and other such mind blowing activities have only enhance the prestige of Bihar Vikas Public School.

I congratulate the dedicated staff and students for their preserving hard work. I do expect that this school will serve as a model for other formation and hard work among the students.

Our Motto is "Character Based Quality Education"


Mr. Ramesh Prasad shrivastava

The Secretary

 Secretary Message

We at B.V.P.S believe that schools have to be the center of learning for not only students but for teachers, parents and even the Society. Our vision is to jointly create global citizens with traditional value, citizens who can think globally but act locally. Regarding extra-co-curricular activities our school stands at all the stages and exhibit vigour and vitality to rekindle our glorious past cultured civilization and enriched heritage.


Mr.Brajesh kumar

Managing Director 

Managing Director Message

The uniting mission of the staff of Bihar Vikas Public School is to enable children to reach their potential. We work towards developing in our children a healthy confidence, care for others and commitment to learning, The school has been modelled to fulfill the core necessity of child's overall growth through quality academic system with various types of co-curricular activities which can nurture their growing up minds. Bihar Vikas Public school is always a 'world in miniature' where one receivers a 'training for life'. Where effective , meaningful and joyful learning takes place.


Mr. Sandip kumar shrivastava

The director

Director Message

It is most aptly said, "Education, Like, life is a journey, not a destination. It is habit of the mind, of philosophy of life, a way of being."

We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the B.V.P.S. provides an environment in which teachers, parents, staff and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of all children.

         We sincerely want to work together to make Bihar Vikas Public School a happy place children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving an education second to none, and a place in which teachers express their Joy of working with pride


Mr. Shikha shrivastav

The Assistant Director

Assistant Director Message

| welcome you at B.V.P.S campus and thanks you for showing your interest in us. B.V.P.S is a place where a student will learn to live, work and play with the teachers and other children. The school aims at the development and integrity of four factors of the student namely, spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical integrity and there by to achieve the integrity of the whole person so that the student can face this challenging world without fear.

" Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself."


Few Words from Parents

  • You have a miracle going on here, and we love being a part of it.

    Says From

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