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Welcome to Our School

Annual Report 2022-23

Education is an opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonders of the universe. A time to pause , reflect and regenerate. I wish to begin with our spectacular performance on the academic front. As educators ,achieving academic excellence is the hallmark of any reputed institution. We are proud of the commendable performances of our students of Class 10th and 12th. In the class 10th AISSE and 12th AISSCE examination held by CBSE, our students put up a marvelous show by securing 87% result , thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff and vibrant cooperation from students and parents.

Starting a day with fresh and positive mind is the best way to develop and generate valuable skills among each and every person. The main focus of our school is to develop a positive thinking and energetic life among the students . Our School starts with well organized morning assembly , which includes music, prayer, good thoughts, speech, amazing facts, GK questions, exercise and the most sought after – the birthday celebrations. The stage performance of a child means a lot for the parents and teachers. In our school we have created a structure which allows maximum number of children to perform on the stage without any fear. Various Cultural Activities like Dance Competition, Song , Speech etc. are held every year.

A leader is not born but made by experiences by life. To develop leadership and competitiveness among the children various competitions are regularly held in our School. Our School students are divided in different groups resembling different Houses. To enable students to get a first hand feel of democracy and to know their rights and duties, school election is held every year. This year also all the four house (Blue House , Green House , Red House and Yellow House) election was held to choose the Vice Caption and Caption. This year Raj Tiwari of Class X Blue House, Priyanshu of Class X Green House, Himanshu Class X Red House and Abhay Yadav of Class X Red House , were elected as House Captain and Priyanka Singh, Aayushi Yadav, Divya Kumari and Mantasha Khatoon of Class IX were elected as Vice Captains of respective houses (BGRY).Inter House Competitions in different fields like Sports (Football , Kho Kho , Volley Ball , Cricket , Badminton, etc. ) Inter House Debate Competition , Essay Competition , Writing Competition were held. Altogether each and every group tried to give out maximum effort and made the competition a tough one.

To promote cultural activities this year Annual Fest was also held , which was remarkable and got much appreciation from the Parents and Guardians. Rangoli competition was also held among different houses in which Yellow House student emerged as winners.

With a view to be constructive and dynamic professionals and to equip teachers with the necessary skills and techniques for effective class room teaching, various enrichment programmes were organized for teachers. Our Staff participated in a variety of professional learning opportunities which were organized by CBSE trainers . In which they were instructed about the new changes and trends in the assessment and evaluation process of the board and experimental learning. An enriching and informative session was also held , which created stress on the importance of creating a pleasant and stress free atmosphere for the teachers and students.

As a part of environment day , plantation programme was organized in our school , in which large no. of students and teachers took part. Sapling were planted in the School Campus as well as in the nearby area.

Education and awareness in the only way by help of which we can make the society aware . Our School also conducted a Social Awareness Programme on 15th of August , In which a rally was taken out by our students and teachers with various Poster and Hoarding , spreading awareness on Social issues like Dowry System , Save Water , Save the Girl Child , Keep Your Environment Clean.

We not only encourage the intra school competitions, but we also try to extend the boundaries to promote inter school competitions. Our school participated in Junior Football league held at Maharishi Dayanand School. Let us foresee a world of universal singularity where our children are going to be the propellant of this change and the world shall be a beautiful place to live in.

Constant improvement is the key to success. To improve upon and inspire an individual is great, but greater still is inspiring a group , and with this in our mind , we organize Parent Teacher Meeting regularly and School committee is also held regularly.

Hoping for a more better result next year. Trying to become the best with help of your blessings.

Thank You

Our School promises to provide the finest education to your ward. We are dedicated to make and shape the future of India. Our school is established with a focused dedication towards shaping well-rounded global citizens. Our School is one of the best schools in state and also in India. It is one of the top schools, offering world class campus and infrastructure.

Students are like clay and it is school responsibility to shape them in a finest sculpture. The origination of the students is based on the understanding of the real world. From starting our students gain country level exposure and insights through best of knowledge. We provide best and practical education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as study, sports, music, craft, and many more. It is our natural process of learning that our popularity spread out and reaches to you. Our students participate National and International level competition and achieve rank respectively.

Our School has curriculum for primary and secondary classes. We have separate facilities for both segments to accelerate the learning process. Today day by day we are dedicated to achieve the best title for quality and best education and make the futuristic leaders for our country.

Few word from Administration

Mr. AN Yadav

The President

President Message

We feel the need to make our contribution to the betterment of the people around us, to the best of our abilities. take this opportunity to congratulate the people of District-Mauna having such a nice school of international standards.The aim of our school is kindle curiosity minds so that they can learn more and be useful citizens of  the society where they grow up.


Mr. R. S. Dubey

The Principal

The Principal Message


I believe education visualized and dreams are touchstones of character, School is the training ground for the citizens of tomorrow. To ensure that Indian have a space in the global platform, we need to nurture and promote innovation in thinking children must be encouraged to think through a problem and come up with technological progress. Finally, The future lies in the hands of individuals who are ready to learn all through their lives. The understanding and acknowledgment of this fact alone by the stakeholders in the education sector like, parent, child and teacher will bring about commitment and qualitative change in the teaching-learning process. invite you to join us this journey us for your Support.



Mr. DN Yadav

The Director

Director Message


S.V. Children School welcomes Children with open arms. S.V. Shikshan Sansthan felt the need of providing quality education to the children of District Mau with this objective in mind it decided to start S.V. Children School in this region. The School has started functioning at Kathatarawn, Mau. The School lays special emphasis on the all-round development of the child. We wish our students to develop into fine human beings. our inspiration will mould the child to become a global citizen in this competitive world. The prime aim of our school is to give each child an opportunity to develop his/her own potential by laying the foundations Of a balanced education. I hope, we all are committed to giving our best to achieve the above goal.


Few Words from Parents

  • You have a miracle going on here, and we love being a part of it.

    Says From

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